Regulations for the WALUG event on 23 and 24 October 2021.

These rules apply during the event organised by Walug ASBL on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October 2021.

       1. Organisation :

The practical organisation of the LEGO® weekend exhibition is in the hands of the Spa-Francorchamps team.

The final responsibility for the event lies with Walug asbl (Wallonie LEGO® User Group asbl),

Registered office: Campagne des Monts, 47 in 4040 Herstal-Belgium. 

Company number 0727.704.193.

ING Bank IBAN : BE98 3631 8884 4993.

The people in charge of the event: Michel VANDAMME - Mickaël ROMMES - Marine VANDAMME.

        2. Event :

The LEGO® exhibition takes place during the weekend of Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October 2021 in the halls of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The programme for the weekend is as follows (times subject to change, the organisation reserves the right to adapt the timetable): Friday 9am to 1pm preparation of the room 1pm to 9pm assembly of the creations. Saturday 6.30am to 10am set up 10am to 6pm open to the public 6pm to 11pm entertainment evening. Sunday 9.30am to 10am open for exhibitors 10am to 6pm open for the public 6pm to ... dismantling and cleaning.

         3. Participants :

  1. The exhibition is open to everyone, they can register as exhibitor or seller. Exceptions will only be made with the agreement of the organisation.

  2. People who want to sell LEGO® pieces/sets must indicate this in advance on their registration form and must carefully read point 6 "Vendors". All other activities (e.g. advertisinǵ, recruiting members for other associations, raising money) are not allowed without the explicit agreement of the Committee.

  3. Each participant can volunteer for predefined tasks. In exchange for volunteering, the participant will receive benefits such as not having to pay for a sandwich at lunch. The benefits will be specified in an email. The distribution of tasks will be done by the committee, taking into account the choices of each participant as much as possible. Each participant is free to volunteer. Volunteers who are linked to a commercial vendor will be excluded from the tasks related to the Committee stand.

  4. Each participant is responsible for dismantling his stand (and dismantling his tables if applicable) and for returning the used tables to their intended location. The participant must also ensure that no waste is left behind. The costs of cleaning the stand can be recovered from the member.

  5. Smoking is not allowed in the room. Pets are not allowed, with the exception of assistance dogs. The use of emergency exits is only allowed in case of emergency and certainly not as an entrance or exit. They cannot be used as a regular access, nor can they be blocked.

  6. Each participant should be aware of the safety instructions and the evacuation corridors so as not to occupy them during the event (map in the room).

  7. In the event of an emergency, each participant is requested to contact the organisers, the Committee stand or the first aid stand if present.

  8. Possible participant gifts (the so-called 'Thank You sets') will be given to all categories of participants (exhibitors, vendors and volunteers).

    4. Registration :

  9. Registration can only be done via the appropriate form (by email or via the website). Each member has received in advance a registration email with all the details. The organiser can always invite non-members to participate in the event.

  10. Participation in the event as an exhibitor and/or vendor can only take place after approval of the registration by the organisation.

  11. Once the organisation has approved an entry, the details cannot be changed.

  12. If a participant wishes to cancel his/her registration, he/she must do so as soon as possible. If the Committee has incurred expenses in connection with the registration, it reserves the right to claim these expenses from the participant.

  13. In the event that costs have to be paid (e.g. for meals) the participant is requested to do so at the latest 14 days before the event. In the event that payment is not made on time, the Committee reserves the right to exclude the participant from the activity for which payment is due.

  14. When registering, the participant must indicate the desired display area for his LEGO® (see point 5 Exhibitors). Sellers must indicate the desired sales area when registering (see point 6 Sellers).

  15. The space available for each participant is allocated by the organisation. Participants are requested to keep to this space. In the event that an exhibitor does not fill the entire space reserved, the organisation reserves the right to allocate it to another exhibitor. If necessary, the organisation reserves the right to exclude a participant from further participation in the event.

  16. The selection of participants and the use of the available space is based on the following 3 criteria (priorities): a. Personal creations (Moc's) - b. Set collections - c. Sales : The Committee reserves the right to define a minimum or maximum space to be reserved for vendors. If during the set-up of the hall the Committee notices that there might be a shortage of space, it reserves the right to adapt the space allocated to certain participants (exhibitors and/or vendors). Sponsors have priority in obtaining space as part of their sponsorship rights. The choice of participants and the allocation of space to each member are the responsibility of the organisation. This decision is final.

    5. Exhibitors :

    By exhibitor we mean people who want to show their LEGO® (in all its forms) to the public during the opening hours. When registering, the participant is asked to describe precisely what he/she intends to exhibit. If the description is not precise or clear enough, the organisation may request photos. The organisation reserves the right to refuse an installation at any time, or even to have it removed during the event without having to justify itself to the participant.

  1. It is only allowed to display LEGO®. Below is an overview of what is and is not allowed. ü Allowed: Custom material that is not made of plastic and for which there is no LEGO alternative - Rope, rubber band, paper, cardboard - Electronic components (Circuit board, led, etc...) - Stickers ü Allowed: engraved or printed LEGO® bricks ü Not allowed: counterfeits and materials resembling LEGO® such as: LEGO® clone brand bricks (e.g. MegaBlocks) Weapons, accessories, animals, LEGO® clone brand minifigures In case of doubt, it is best to contact the organisation in advance. Each exhibitor is requested́ to strictly confirm to this point. In case of non-compliance, the organisation reserves the right to remove the disputed items from the exhibitor's stand. Any costs incurred cannot be claimed back from the organisation under any circumstances.

  2. It is only allowed to show creations that respect the ethical codes of the LEGO® Group. In concrete terms, this means that it is not allowed to show any of the following: - The use of drugs, tobacco, alcoholic beverages - Objects of a sexual nature - Realistic or extreme violence - Expression of political or religious beliefs and/or insults to one's beliefs - Any creation that may shock or harm a person - Racist creations.

  3. The organisation will always confirm in writing whether or not the exhibitor can participate in the event. Once this agreement has been given, the registration cannot be changed. (see point 4: registration)

  4. Several members can join together to create a large layout. In this case, the organisation and plans of the large layout are the responsibility of one participant in the layout. For each large layout, there must be one person in charge. He/she will be the point of contact between the organisation and the participants in the layout for all matters concerning the layout. The person responsible for the layout must indicate the desired surface as soon as possible

  5. It is not permitted to set up and dismantle the stands during the public opening hours. However, the setting up of the lay-out decoration is permitted.

  6. During set-up and dismantling, each participant is requested not to encroach on the space of other exhibitors, nor to move and/or dismantle the material of another exhibitor for his convenience.

  7. If there is a shortage of tables, the organisation may decide to reduce the space allocated to certain participants.

  8. The exhibitor must provide his own tablecloths (preferably in cotton for fire safety reasons). Only black, white, blue or green are allowed. For tablecloths in a shared layout, it is the responsibility of the layout manager to provide sufficient tablecloths. It is also the responsibility of each participant to provide enough electrical extension cords and to indicate if it is not allowed to touch their creations.

  9. The exhibitor himself shall ensure that there is a permanent presence on his stand.

  10. It is not permitted to play music or films during public opening hours. However, personal films featuring LEGO® are permitted.

  11. If necessary for the smooth running of the event, the Committee may at any time ask a participant to perform a specific task.

  12. If an exhibitor notices that a part of his creation or collection is missing, he is requested to inform the organisation. The organisation cannot be held responsible under any circumstances. Only the Walug Committee, possibly together with the organisation, can decide to contribute to the cost of replacing the missing object. This decision will be taken on a case by case basis after the event.

  13. The exhibitor undertakes to be present throughout the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

    6. Vendors :

According to the law, a person who buys products to resell them later at a profit is considered a professional seller. For Walug events, a distinction is made between professional and private sellers: - A private seller is a member who feels that he or she has too much LEGO® material and wants to occasionally sell some of it at our events.

      1. A commercial vendor has a VAT number and has stock that is intended for sale only. If a participant wishes to have a sales stand, he/she                  must indicate this when registering. He must also indicate whether it is a commercial or private sales stand.

      2. Sponsorship rules - Walug has a main sponsor with whom there are sales agreements. The Committee ensures that these rules are respected.            - From 2021 onwards we use the content of the Belgian LEGO® Shop@Home website as a reference ( BE of           This site only contains current LEGO sets (and "retired" sets). The main sponsor has the exclusive right to                  sell all sets that are published on this site; therefore these sets (except the "retired" sets) cannot be sold by other sellers.

      3. Private seller, maximum 2 running meters of sales space, Professional seller maximum 8 running meters of sales space. During the entire                event, a maximum of 3 sales of the same set from the normal LEGO® catalogue, taking into account the sponsorship agreements No limit              on the number of sales, taking into account the sponsorship agreements During the entire event, a maximum of one copy of the same '                      Expert Building' or 'Ultimate Collectors' set, taking into account the sponsorship agreements

     4.  No restrictions on the sale of minifigs or individual pieces (new or second hand), nor on the sale of second hand LEGO set.         

     5.  Clear display of logo (if available) and VAT number. Provide own plastic bags for visitors (to differentiate from other vendors).

           7. General rules for sellers :

  1. Each seller is responsible for complying with the rules and laws in force.

  2. Only LEGO® related items may be sold. Any sale of other items is subject to the approval of the organisation.

  3. For the price of the stand, the metres at the front of the stand are considered. Behind the stand, the vendor is free to put in other tables or shelves (without exceeding the width at the front). These tables/shelves are not supplied by the organisation. If the vendor adds tables or shelves next to the tables provided, he must remove them or pay a supplement corresponding to the additional width; the decision will be taken by the Committee.

  4. The rental of the sales stands must be paid in cash on the day of the event. Each participant will have to pay the price according to their reservation, even if they do not occupy the entire space reserved. The Committee may issue an invoice for commercial vendors if required after payment of the rental fee.

  5. Under no circumstances will it be permitted to offer for sale coins from any of the last 2 LUGBULKs.

  6. Walug can in no way be held responsible for a disappointing turnover at the event.

  7. Each vendor is responsible for the security of his stand against theft. Walug cannot be held responsible for reimbursing any losses.

  8. Vendors must provide their own tablecloths for their stand (preferably cotton for fire safety reasons). Only black, white, blue or green are allowed. An advertising banner is also permitted. The vendor must provide sufficient extension cords.

  9. In the event that a private vendor does not comply with the conditions, or if there is a suspicion that he is a professional vendor, the Organisation (or the Committee) may, at its discretion, reclassify the vendor as a professional vendor or have his stand removed. In addition, the vendor may be prohibited from selling at future events. The costs incurred may not be passed on by the vendor to the Committee. However, the Committee may pass on the costs of removing the stand to the vendor.

  10. Each vendor is responsible for what he/she puts on sale. The organisation cannot be held responsible in any way. In case of infringement, any fine will be charged to the vendor who may be excluded from the event and from any other event thereafter.

  11. If a vendor organises a commercial action in relation to the Spa-Francorchamps exhibition, it must be submitted to the Walug Board of Directors for approval. Without approval, this action cannot be launched at the event. Failure to comply with this agreement will result in the vendor's complete withdrawal from the event

    8. Super raffle :

  1. Participation in the Super Tombola is only possible for members who are registered as exhibitors/volunteers/vendors and who actively participate in the event.

  2. Winning sets may not be sold and may not be exchanged for other raffle prizes by the committee.

  3. Failure to pay for the dinner by the set date may result in exclusion from the Super Raffle. Each participant is required to read and understand these rules. By registering for this event, each participant declares that he/she agrees with them. Any disputes arising from a point not covered by these rules will be settled on the spot in consultation with the participant and the organisation (in collaboration with the Committeé). In case of non-compliance with these rules, the organiser reserves the right to exclude the member from the event and/or future events. Costs resulting from any of the points in these rules cannot be claimed by the member from the organisation or the Committee. Costs incurred by the organisation or the Committee as a result of a member's failure to comply with these rules may be claimed from the member.

Written by the Comité Walug.